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Presentation of a series of videos "The Names of Lutsk: Small Memories of Great History"

On June 25, 2017 in Lutsk, as part of the celebration of the City's Day, the presentation of a series of videos, "The Names of Lutsk: Small Memories of Great History" will take place on the initiative of tourism and city management.

Lutsk is a special city. Many famous personalities have joined the formation of its identity for many centuries: writers, scholars, military, government officials, clergy and other professions who have added new colors to the history of Lutsk. You already know about many of them, and the stories of others couldn't be ignored.

Find out more about the well-known and not known people who created the image of our city, you can from a series of videos, "Names of Lutsk: small memories of great history".



       The author of the video is Ruslana Poritskaya, head of the theater "Harminder". The project became the winner of the Social Tourism Projects Contest, sponsored by the Lutsk City Council's Tourism and Promotion Office, in partnership with the British Council in Ukraine.



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