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Lutsk What is interesting for tourists. VIDEO

Want to see how our city is now, or is it better to wait and see what's to come - see the videos for more.

"Hromadske.Volyn" starts the production cycle of stories "Volyn tour."

Journalists do you want to see where you can go in Volyn to relax, to learn new things, and learn about the Volyn land on the other side that is open and closed? Lutsk location at the crossroads of trade routes has defined its role in the life and place in the sociopolitical map of Ukraine. The city "meadows" was truly dear to the Lithuanian Dukes of Westminster and Vytautas. Their appearance also showed up in the 14th-15th century. Lutsk castle is still the pride of the regional center of Volyn. Lutsk survived everything: aggressive invasion, great fires, medieval and NKVDystski death, passionate stories of love and betrayal, destruction and renewal. "The city has always been multicultural. Here lives are purely Ukrainian or purely Lithuanians - told by the manager of the Tourism Center of Tourist Information and Services at the town council Anastasia Oleksjuk - there lived representatives of many nationalities - Jews, Armenians, and Karaites. And, interestingly, they all lived peacefully. This fact also distinguishes Lutsk among other medieval cities. "


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