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I Like My City Lutsk

Ania Klymovets, who is "The First Little Miss Planet 2014" sang a song and shot a video about Lutsk.

Our city is - beautiful and picturesque, ancient and modern, Ukrainian and European at the same time. Lutsk or, as it used to be called - ancient Luchesk has a long history, and everyone doesn't know its secrets.

It is impossible to dislike our city and you will always want to come back. This cozy town is home for people of all ages and interests.

Little Luchanka Anna Klymovets decided to show her love for the city and its beauty by singing a song and making a video to it.

That's a great way to show love to our beautiful city.

Photo and video: Anna Klymovets



  • Elisandro12-05-2016 05:39reply

    Very good,one day I want to visit this city, do you recomend?

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