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The festival of Ukrainian resistance “Banderstadt” is waiting for you!

The festival of Ukrainian resistance “Banderstadt” is waiting for you!

This year the festival has two headliners: Tartak and Skryabin. Other performers on the main stage of the festival will be Koralli, Panke Shava, Holodne Sontse, O’Torvald, Sciana (guests from Belarus) and other groups from different parts of Ukraine.

The literature stage of Banderstadt will also be very interesting. Among the registered poets will be famous, sincere and childishly frank Roman Skyba, who became well known for his poems for both kids and adults. The host of the literature stage will, as usual, be Pavlo Korobchuk.

During the festival a poster display, “UP - Ukrainian Patriots” will be presented. Every poster will show a famous Ukrainian and his quote. The organizers feel that the posters are a wonderful way to get youth interested in patriotic topics and the history of Ukraine in an informal way. Oleg Buryachok is the designer of the posters.

During the day at Banderstadt, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with today’s community leaders. The main guest of the dialogue program will be Yuriy Lutsenko, one of the leaders of the action “Ukraine Without Kuchma” and of the Orange Revolution, ex-minister of Interior Affairs of Ukraine, political prisoner, and the leader of the “Third Republic” movement. The statesman will conduct a lecture on the topic “How to Organize an Effective Resistance to the System”. Mykola Knyazhytskui, ex-general director of TVI channel and a member of the International Press Institute will also visit the festival and conduct a lecture on the topic “Freedom of Speech in Ukraine: Myths and Reality”.

A traditional part of Banderstadt is the theatrical military-history presentation. Since 2009, stories of the fight of Ukrainian insurgents with Soviet troops have been performed, recalling the 1944-1945 Volynian village roundups of the NKVD (The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs). This year visitors of the festival will have an opportunity to see an exciting theatrical military-history action “The Fight of the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) Troops against the Troops of the German “Wehrmacht”. The organizer of the action is “Memory”, a society searching for war victims.

For the participants and guests of the festival an information station providing all the information about the program of the festival, a map, tourist guides and answers to all questions will be available.

This year several new features are available. In particular, there will be Wi-Fi zones for visitors and journalists, a children’s town with an entertainment program and master classes for the youngest participants, and an acoustic stage for young groups. Those who aren’t lucky enough to attend the festival of Ukrainian resistance will be able to watch all the events on an on-line broadcast.



The cost of a ticket is 70 hrn in advance or 100 hrn during the festival. Space in the tent campground is included in the price.

Photo by Pushkin Oleksiy



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