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Lutsk chic weekend

Lutsk chic weekend

Not so long ago Lutsk presented a new concept of its tourist year, the central element of which is the European past of the city. You can find out whom he is this aristocratic and monarchical Lutsk. After all, why wait for the official opening of the season? When you can get acquainted with the city now before the crowds of tourists don’t occupied the city. Due to the Lubart’s castle and numerous shrines, Lutsk inspires by its atmosphere.

Ancient history of Lutsk really inspires. It is worth coming to the city to see the castle of Lubart, which is included in the list of "Seven Wonders of Ukraine", to hear the klykun, who every day trumpets from the Entrance tower of the castle, to go down to dungeons of Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, as well as to taste the duke's drink and authentic dishes. This year Lutsk will celebrate the 590th anniversary of the Congress of European monarchs, that played an important role in the development of the city. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tourist season will be devoted to this historical event.

In addition to the castle of Lubart, where the monarchs met, pay attention to the Tower of Chartoryiski - all that remained of the Roundabout (Okolnyi) castle.

You can see Klukyn not only on the tower, but also in the form of bronze sculptures, which you will meet on the local streets. In particular, such a miracle is on the corner of the streets of Lesya Ukrainka and Senatorka Levchanivska near the Center for Tourist Information and Services. Klykun – is a medieval profession, which was revived in Lutsk a few years ago. Today it is a peculiar symbol of the city.

What wonderful icons of the XVI century can be seen in the Museum of Volyn icon, which has more than 600 exhibits of different epochs. One of the most revered Christian shrines is the icon of the Holm Mother of God - an example of Byzantine art of XI and XII centuries. It remains the pearl of this museum. Closer to the period of the reign of Radziwills are icons "Spas u Slavi", "Crucifixion", "Yuriy Zmeiborets", that also have their uniqueness.

You can try to live a life of aristocrats in the restaurant "Korona Vitovta", where Duke Vitovt arranged a banquet for the European monarchs of the congress. Currently, this place regale its guests by the authentic dishes of Volyn cuisine. And what delicious honey drinks are offered at the Center for Traditional Culture – Medova Hata. This drinking honey was an integral part of the duke's banquet. By the way, 2 years ago at the International congress of beekeeping - Apimondia in Istanbul, the Lutsk drinking honey " Slioza burshtuynu" ("Tear of Amber") was among the top three.

You can stay at the hotel "Ukraina" that is in close distance from the Lubart’s Castle. Cost of rooms starts from 680 hryvnias. In addition it offers spa facilities with a sauna and massages. We advise you to book a hotel in Lutsk in advance.

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