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Protection of Most Holy Lady Church

Protection of Most Holy Lady Church
Address:Halshka Gulevychivna Street, 1
Phone: +38 (0332) 72-24-71
Location:Old city

Protection of Virgin Orthodox Church is the one among two preserved Orthodox churches, built in the royal times of history. Today it is the Cathedral of Lutsk and Volyn eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, of the  Moscow Patriarchate; the monument of the national importance.

The prototype of the modern church was built in the 12th - 13th century at the place of the wooden church which was destroyed by fire. It was for several times destroyed and rebuilt again. Two church senior priests are buried here: the archpriest Oleksandr Teodorovych († 1879) and the archpriest Oleksandr Ogybovskyi († 1938).

Sviato Panteleimonivska chapel was built near the church. In 2002 the 1010th  anniversary of Volyn eparchy foundation monument was established.

Photo: Oleksandr Kotys


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