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Main Synagogue

Main Synagogue
Address:Danyla Galytskogo St. 33
Phone: +38 (0332) 72-34-32
Location:Old city

The main Jewish Synagogue is the monument of the Jewish religious architecture of the 17th century. Its main peculiarity is a defensive tower built to the pray hall. The traditional feature of that time building is a number of niches in an arciform. The main Jewish Synagogue was built in order of the king Sygizmund III with the help of Lutsk Jewish community in the 17th century. But the king set two conditions to the Jewish who lived in Lutsk. The first -  the synagogue should be lower than the main catholic church and the second -  it should defense the city from invasions. Because of this decision the synagogue is a unique monument of the religious architecture.

The Synagogue was a powerful center of the Jewish spirituality, education and culture in Volyn.  

Today the Synagogue building is used by a sport club “Dynamo”. 


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