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"Princely Feast!"

"Princely Feast!"
Address:Castle square

If you always wanted to know how princes and princesses, kings and queens celebrated a feast,you must visit the Lutsk Honey festival “Princely feast”!

It is a festival that will take you to themiddle ages; it will enchant you with songs of wandering minstrels, whirl you in a medievaldance, and turn you into knights of royalty. You can taste the most varied dishes, which weretreated in Lutsk at the time, when our city was called Luchesk the Great. Also, treat yourself tothe main drink of that time - the honey miracle drink!




  • Юрій25-02-2017 13:56reply

    А хто організатор фeстивалю?

  • Admin28-02-2017 13:13reply

    Організаторами фестивалю є "Управління туризму та промоції міста Луцької міської ради".

  • Олена25-05-2017 11:19reply

    О котрій годині початок дійства?

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